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Impact of Digital Marketing in Nepal

Impact of Digital Marketing in Nepal

Digital marketing is the marketing and advertising of goods and services through digital channels like Β  websites, social media, E-mail, search engines and through mobile apps to the interested customers. Digital marketing is all about online digital marketing which encompasses all the online marketing strategy that uses online media or the electronic devices.

In the context of Nepal, Digital marketing and advertising is the newest trending marketing in Nepal. Digital marketing puts all the online digital marketing in the online or digital platforms. Online Digital marketing is all about the online marketing strategy that helps to connect products with the targeted customers.

Nowadays most of the people go to online if they need to purchase any goods or services. Online Digital marketing is increasing rapidly in Nepal. People nowadays are being more aware about all the benefits of digital marketing and advertising to grow their business and organizations. We can see small shops are also creating their own online marketing strategy to grow their business and to reach to the targeted customers. Before Online Digital marketing was started in Nepal people used to do lot of struggle in doing marketing.

We cannot even imagine our life without online digital marketing in Nepal. Most of the people are now depended in Online marketing strategy. Digital marketing and advertising will help business and organization to reach to the targeted audience. By using Online marketing strategy less manpower and resources are used which is more cheaper than traditional marketing. Competition is increasing more and more in the organizations and business in Nepal.

Digital marketing in nepal

Digital marketing in Nepal is rapidly increasing in Nepal and digital marketing has changed the way of doing marketing for any kind of organizations. It is one of the easiest way to reach to the targeted customers. Without investing in manpowers now we can easily run our business and business advertisements.

Digital marketing is giving a good impact in the business in this digital era. That’s why people are adopting online digital marketing and advertising very rapidly.

Reasons we need to adopt Digital marketing and advertising in Nepal are:

1. Decreases stress

Online Digital marketing is increasing day by day as many people are adopting it. Online marketing strategy helps to decrease stress as they only need to stay in front of laptop or computer and can handle all the work just staying in front of the computer. Online digital marketing was adopted in Nepal people use to struggle a lot as they need to rush at many places to do advertsing, to collect the trust of targeted audiences and also to make some profits.

2. Smart online strategy which saves time

Digital marketing can be done just staying in front of computer and handling all the things online. So this is a smart method of saving your valuable time for doing advertising for your business and collecting targeted audiences. More and more people should adopt digital marketing in Nepal as it has many benefits.

3. No need of manpowers and less expensive:

In Nepal many people used to hire manpowers to sell their products or to do advertising of their business. This leads to increase cost as manpowers was necessary to hire manpowers. But now after online Digital marketing has adopted in Nepal all the things can be done online without manpowers by just staying in front of computer or laptop.

Facebook and Instagram marketing

Facebook Boosting and Instagram marketing is trending online marketing strategy in Nepal. We can collect more targeted audience and customers by doing facebook boosting and instagram marketing.

Facebook boosting is the most popular online marketing strategy. Facebook boosting is boosting of facebooks posts by doing paid advertisement from a facebook business page. It helps to reach out to more targeted audience in a wider range rather than people who are already following your page.

Instagram marketing is the social media where people runs paid advertisement to promote their goods and services for their business. This is done by creating posts, stories, organic contents to engage more people and customers in the product or services.

Therefore, Digital marketing and advertising are increasing rapidly in context of Nepal and people should adopt digital marketing.Nepal is now getting more online marketing strategy to target customers not only Nepal but also internationally.

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