Rupa Shakya
CEO and founder

Rupa Shakya, CEO and founder at Nepal Digital Marketing, is a Digital Marketing Consultant from Nepal. She’s a SEO Trainer, a professional blogger & Graphic Designer.

She is experienced in SEO & Digital Marketing. During Five years of Freelancing and digital marketing she has satisfied more than 100 customers with her services. She is constantly on the research for unique success ideas related with digital marketing to satisfy various business personnel.

Narayan Kayastha
Co-Founder and proprietor

Narayan Kayastha, Co-Founder at Nepal Digital Marketing, is a Freelancer, SEO Expert , Digital Marketer, an Affiliate & a Graphic Designer.
With an experience of five years in freelancing, he had served more than 450 customers in His is professional in Digital Marketing and served mord than 100 customers with digital marketing services.
He is a social worker as he is the Past President from Banepa Leo Club, LY year 2011/12.

Anjana Shakya
Sales Executive

Anjana Shakya, A 20 Years old very talented and hard working & self learning employee as a Sales Executive , Joined 1st july2019 . She has developed her sales skills very rapidly and sure to become a professional digital marketer in near Future.

Pooza Shrestha
Sales Assistant

Pooza Shrestha, A 20 Years old very talented, hard working & self learning enthusiastic employee as a Sales Assistant, Joined 15th Nov2019. She is very fast learner sales and digital marketing assistant in this industry

Saluja Baidar
Web Development Executive-Intern

Saluja Baidar, An Intern , 20 Years Old 3rd Year IT student of Virinchi college, is a very talented and fast learner for the position Web Development Executive joined 1st December, 2019. She is very enthusiastic on her SEO and web development projects withing this industry