How To Use Facebook Advertising and Email Marketing To Increase Sales

If you’re just a beginner and starting a fresh Digital marketing bussiness then you have you have two strong and cost-effective response drivers which can help in your bussiness that is email marketing and Facebook advertising.

You can use email marketing  to drive your clients to your website or sales page, launch new products and much more through your sales funnel. You can drive traffic and audiences to your website.    

Email marketing helps to drives the audience to your website.   It also helps you to communicate on a more personal level with your audience, retain brand awareness, and plan your marketing messages for more suitable times.

Importance of Landing pages to Connect Facebook & Email

Facebook ads is the best way to get traffic to website.  You can use Facebook Advertising to assist with building your mailing list by using a landing page. To help build a fast & simple landing page that is designed to convert, you can use landing page software such as WordPress or Clickfunnels.

 The main purpose of landing page is to drive traffic to your website. So landing page must have valuable contents to your target customer. You can also offer free gifts such as ebooks or guides with products . They will have to pass on their email address in return, which will be automatically added to your mailing list, in order for the user to receive the ebook or guide.

Advertise Properly to get more Traffic

You should target your audiences properly in facebook advertisement to get more leads and sales.  You may target the targeted audience as broadly or as narrowly as necessary. Facebook makes it possible to target the specific age group people with specific interest. This makes Facebook outstandingly successful. You can do digital marketing properly and can make your bussiness successful if you have a proper marketing knowledge and knows how to do email marketing and run facebook ads to generate more conversion.  

Use Your Email List Properly

The main strategy for any Digital Marketing business to be successful is by building email list of the targeted audience. You need to check your email list know to whether your customer has reading your email or not.  It is a sure sign that they are looking to buy from you when someone gives you their email address. With a variety of news, discounts, birthday deals or information about new product releases, you can then contact them time to time.

Facebook Advertisements

Facebook Ads are perfect tools for targeting your prospective clients and greatly target them. You can build your buyer persona with the help of the data you receive and perfectly target your audience based on age , gender, interests, locations, and so on. One of its benefits is it is more affordable  in comparison to other types of traditional advertisements. 

You can increase your email list with the help of Facebook ads. In case your target group has an issue with their accounts, you can continue targeting them by contacting them from email as well.   

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