Digital Marketing In Nepal

Digital marketing is any form of internet or online marketing that uses social media, search engines, mobile devices, and other channels in order to reach at their customers. Simply, it is marketing of services or product digitally by using digital technologies.

In Nepal, Digital marketing is the advertisement of one’s goods supplied through digital platforms. Those include search engines, blogs, social media, and mobile applications. 

About Us

Nepal Digital Marketing is a digital marketing company whose mission is to provide the Nepalese business organization and customers with digital marketing services. This company is located in banepa. We promotes brands or products using the electronic media. We are one of the best recognized Digital Marketing Company with the goal of growing the target group of the service industries or local business.

Here are some of the popular services provided by us:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Facebook Marketing
  3. Playstore Games Topup
  4. Gift Card Sales
  5. Web development:
  6. Graphic Design Services
  7. Instagram Marketing
  8. Youtube promotion




  1. Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is a tool for optimizing the site’s content to boost its ranking on the Search Engine Results Page.

  1. Facebook Marketing:

Facebook marketing is a medium that provides a range of highly focused paid ads and organic content, allowing marketers to put their goods and services in front of their targeted customers.

  1. Playstore Games Topup:

 Video games can also improve self-esteem and increase a person’s ability to solve problems. These days many people are crazy in playing games. We provide top up services in those games which are available in play store.

  1. Gift Card Sales:

You can buy gift cards like google play gift card, itunes, playstation, steam, indian google play gift cards.

  1. Web development:

Web development is the developing, building, maintaining, creating an websites.Here, we provide website building services in affordable price.

  1. Graphic Design Services.

We provide graphic design services like  Advertising, book design, branding, illustration, page layout, typography, webcomic, web design, photo editing, video editing and many more.  

  1. Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is th marketing which uses instagram to coonect and communicate and promote their deals to their target audiences.

  1. Google promotion services:

Most local business firms have a website from which companies aim to attain higher positions in the results of Google and thereby attract more customers who are locally searching for their services. We provide services to promote google and helps to attain higher positions in the google.

  1. Youtube promotion:

You can pay to run an ad campaign for your YouTube videos to help push more views and subscribers to your channel. You can have paid advertisements, endorsements, or other content in your video that requires disclosure to audiences and viewers. You can contact us for these kind of services.

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