Facebook Ads and its Benefit in Nepal:

Facebook Ads in Nepal

Nepal Digital Marketing is the most amazing digItal marketing company in Nepal. We offer many kinds of digital marketing services to our valued customers. We also give services of running ads in social media to increase the sales and to reach to the targeted audiences.


Facebook ads is an effective way to link your audience on the biggest social network in the world.

The ever-changing Facebook’s algorithm can also create an obstacle for communicating with your targeted customers organically. But also the micro-targeting features of Facebook will help you to hit your target market perfectly. That means you will get your advertising from Facebook ads in front of the people who are most likely want to buy your products or services.

Why is Facebook Marketing important?

Facebook Marketing is important because of the following reasons:

1. Most popular social media:
Facebook is the largest social network in the world and holds the highest number of users. People are spending more time on Facebook than any other platform on social media.
2. Cheapest Method:
By only spending $1 on facebook boosting and advertsiement in nepal ,marketing crosses 1,000 people, and $5 to 5,000. That is one of the biggest benefits it receives from a Facebook advertiser. We can increase page like and boost the page is very less amount. 
       Before facebook advertisement  people use to do advertisement of their products or services by hiring manpowers which costs them a lot. But with the help of facebook people can advertise their products sitting in front of computer and spending small amount of money.
3. Easy to the target audience:
To target the potential audience is the one each and every advertiser needs because it lowers the cost of unwanted users. Facebook ads have options for targeting users by age, interest, behavior, place, gender, etc.
4. Helps to increase traffic to your website:
Facebook users who are directed to your website through relevant links from facebook  are more likely to open, because they want to go willingly to your website by clicking on the button. We can also run website click campaign by which people can be taken to your website.like

Number of people that uses facebook in Nepal

Facebook is a Social media Network that world’s famous and biggest Network.   It’s the world’s biggest sharing network, with so many people. This is now world-famous, and its users are growing day by day. The people who uses facebook  are estimated to be around 20 million also in Nepal. The number is rising day after day. You can set up a Facebook ad on a platform for as many visitors as you want.

Some of the tips for running successful Facebook Ads

  1. You need to Experiment and approach our audiences.  Then  Start with a narrow audience, and expand it slowly by adding one category of interest at a time.
  2. To track your visitors, their behavior patterns, the amount of time spent etc we should add Facebook Pixel on our site. Such details will be used to build a lookalike audience and to launch retargeting advertising for people that have already visited your site or your services.
  3. Use videos and high-quality pictures. First thing people see in your ads is the visuals, so create the perfect impression with stunning pictures and videos.
  4. Everything needs to be tested. Every element of your ad copies can be experimented with and effective ad campaigns.
  5. Track your ad performance, and automate it. In Ad Manager Dashboard you can monitor your campaign performance closely and optimize accordingly.


Facebook is the fastest growing social networking site that many business brands have used to market their products and convey their brand message among the right target audience set. You can also do the same with your company and support your brand, and expand exponentially over time.

Facebook advertisements often play a part in your digital marketing as a whole by increasing visibility for your brand, gathering leads and sometimes even turning users into customers

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