Barriers of Digital Marketing in Nepal

To let the digital marketing strategy succeed, each marketer faces different challenges. While they have common ambitions, some teams are stuck to hiring top talent while others are struggling to find the best solutions for their needs.

Businesses rely on their digital marketing campaigns to drive a large portion of their income so implementing less-than-best practices presents a risk to profits and employment.

Barriers in Digital Marketing in Nepal are:

1. Not Taking Digital Seriously.

Senior professionals clearly understand that new technology is all around them but their own perspectives seem to be limited to a customer or individual perspective. While many consumer technologies are transformed to professional applications, they are typically more difficult to use in business settings than personal ones.

2. Lack of knowledge and understanding of Digital Era realities

  They do not know or have limited awareness of technology developments which could have a direct effect on their industries and organizations. With regard to the tools themselves, most leaders remain uninformed about the broad range of platforms and technologies that make for more efficient and effective communication and collaborative approaches.

3. Poor/no roadmaps for effective digital engagement and transformation.

This barrier seems to be manifesting itself in many ways. We should   start with leaders’ overwhelming propensity to concentrate on short-term and tactical approaches instead of taking a longer-term, strategic view. The aim is to realize that digital interaction and transformation will eventually be a strategic necessity, and begin to build strategies now to get from the realities of today to the needs of tomorrow.

4. Restricted Budget

Budget restriction is another Barrier in Nepal as most of the people may not have enough budget to start their Bussiness. Marketers should start a bussiness with a specific objective. Website is very necessary to start a digital marketing bussiness. Good hosting provider and better cms is necessary. Due to lack of Budget this may not be fulfilled.

5. Lacking Resources

The Biggest Barrier in Nepal is lack of skilled people. Companies like facebook, twitter are nt registered in nepal and there is no such company as well. This is one of he barrier which nepalese have to face in Digital Marketing Bussiness. There are not enough people around us that have knowledge for both technical and marketing. 

6. Focus on Short-Term Gains

People are just running as fast as they can, but they can’t get enough momentum so that they can jump to a new system, or a  people-resources or in budget. They just ran towards low cost websites which don’t have proper security. And those websites are hacked easily in future.

7. International cards and Transaction are Not Allowed

Digital Marketing in Nepal is kinda hard as we cannot do dollar transaction in Nepal. Many companies like facebook, google are not registered in nepal. We need to do dollar transcation in order to run ads, buy something from other countries. International Cards are not Allowed in nepal. So this is one of the biggest barrier for Digital Marketers in Nepal.

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