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Graphic Designing in Nepal

Graphic design is a art of creating the visual communication contents which combines ideas, words, images in order to convey informations and to produce special effects for the audiences. Normally, it is the way to bring the ideas through graphics and design. Graphic Designer Duties & Responsibilities Graphic designers create visual concepts Graphic design is […]

Email Marketing || Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Email marketing is the procedure which is used to promote the products, to educate customers and to encourage sales by using electronic messages. It helps to give us a fast and quick communication, also allows business to send emails to the customers and results are provided almost very quickly. Email marketing is a […]

Marketing Automation|| Benefits of Marketing Automation||

About Marketing Automation is defined as software or technology that assists marketers to reach the audience as well as automating tasks like measuring analytics, organizing and so on.Companies define marketing automation as per their setoff offering. Marketing automation guarantees enormous things like for more leads, transformations, and deals with doing less work. More leads and […]

Affiliate marketing || Best strategies in Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods by which an affiliate/person earns a commission for promoting another person’s or company’s products. About Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing is a popular way people make money online and once it is established,  it can be a passive way to make money online. It’s a […]